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A discussion on the material transformation of Tibet and its affect on Tibetan livelihood. Presented by Emily Yeh, Associate Professor of Geography at CU Boulder. 

The event will take place on Friday, October 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM in Guggenheim 205

A Lecture by Dr. Theresa Williamson, Founder and Executive Director of Catalytic Communities

Dr. Williamson will provide a deep look at favela qualities / assets from a sustainability orientation, introducing the concept of LEED-UP (applying LEED sustainable design principles to upgrading informal settlements); then quickly contrasting this to what is actually happening in Rio's...

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United Nations Day event of Oct. 26th to be held in UMC 235 from 2 to 4.  We have an interesting panel on the topic,  “What are the future possibilities for creating a sustainable water supply?” refreshments, and roughly 20 NGOs and student groups setting up table displays.  

RSVP for UN Day Celebration at CU Boulder! Below is the Facebook link to find out more and RSVP


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Interested in law school but don't want to pay $1200+ for LSAT prep classes? We've got you covered. There will be another low-cost - high quality - LSAT prep course starting soon at CU. You can apply for the program (and see testimonials, etc.) at campusprep.org; you can email any questions to testprep@colorado.edu...

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Have you ever wanted to create your own, custom exchange program to a foreign country? GSI's US-China Leadership Program allows a team of American students and a team of Chinese students to work together and create a 14-day exchange program for each other. Students will take turns visiting each other's native countries and participate in a variety of academic lectures, company visits, cultural...

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Interested in international journalism, news, and media?

Check out the International Media Certificate (IMC), offered jointly by International Affairs and Journalism. Take Journalism classes and gain experience in communication media, advertising, and media relations. Find out more about the IMC and complete the online application here:...

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In this program, students will spend two weeks in Istanbul, a world heritage site, a global mega-city where people from urban and rural environments, different social classes, multiple cultures and religious backgrounds, coexist. The crossroads of civilization for at least 500 years, Istanbul is the perfect place to study the history of interaction between Jews and Muslims. This program will...

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If you plan to study abroad next year, you should also consider applying for a Boren scholarship. The Boren scholarships are awarded to undergraduates who plan to study in Africa, The Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia and NIS states (Semester at Sea is not eligible), and who will be studying languages that are deemed of critical importance to the U.S.. The scholarship...

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Lauren Elder is an IAFS major who studied abroad in summer 2014 on the JWST/IAFS Global Seminar to Jerusalem. Lauren shared the following post on her experiences.

The best way to describe my experience on the Global Seminar "Justice, Democracy, and Human Rights in Israel...

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Through CEUCE join a team and represent CU at this event entailing dinner and an internationally –themes-pub-style-trivia quiz! While doing so, you will also be supporting WorldDenver’s non-profit organization.

11/8 (date of event)

Inverness Hotel and Conference Center

Englewood, Colorado  

CEUCE is currently interested in sending two groups of 5 to the 2nd Annual...

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