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CHINA Town Hall is a national day of programming on China involving about 70 cities throughout the United States. This year's event will feature a live webcast with President Jimmy Carter, the 39th U.S. President, and Mr. Stephen A. Orlins, President of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. This will be followed by an on-site speaker, Lionel Jensen, Associate Professor of East Asian...

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Wednesday, October 1st in Humanities 150 
Public Lecture from 6:30-7:30 pm

Julia Ioffe (http://www.juliaioffe.com/) is a senior editor at The New Republic. Previously, she was a Moscow-based correspondent for Foreign Policy and The New Yorker.


IAFS Student Internship Opportunity!!

The mission of the Center for Teaching International Relations is to develop tomorrow’s global leaders. CTIR’s vision is for every student to develop global awareness and understanding, and to engage in global issues in a way that leads...

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Maya Blanchard is a spring 2014 IAFS graduate who interned as part of her IAFS academic experience.

My internship with the International Conference on Energy and Economic Development (ICEED) was monumental to my professional development. Throughout the semester as an intern, I helped prepare for the conference event. As part of my weekly tasks and responsibilities, I learned...

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Eamon Sullivan is a spring 2014 IAFS graduate and an Emerging Scholar in the program. As a new grad, Eamon shares his experiences and offers a little friendly advice to current IAFS students

  1. What is your name, major, and anticipated graduation term?
    My name is Eamon Sullivan, and I am an International Affairs major planning to graduate in spring 2014....
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Lauren Elder is an IAFS major who studied abroad in summer 2014.

The best way to describe my experience on the global seminar "Justice, Democracy, and Human Rights in Israel and the West Bank" is an intense and perspective-altering experience. As an...

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Research Experiences for U​ndergraduates (REU)

Full Proposal Deadline Date: August 27, 2014

View details here: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=5517&org=NSF

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate...

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The International MA Program in Migration Studies (Tel Aviv University) gives students a comprehensive look into the global and local issues of migration; including themes such as labor migration, refugees and asylum seekers, Diasporas, policy, ethnic identity and integration. Throughout the year, students explore recent trends, compare immigration policies, and debate some of the most...

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The Summer 2014 Global Seminar to Bordeaux, France just finished! Experience it for yourself in this 5 minute video! If you are interested in Summer 2015, contact IAFS or...

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