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TASC is a three-week long professional conference held in Taiwan during the summer, conducted in English. Throughout the conference, top university students from both countries will participate in:

  • Roundtables designed for delegates to delve into a single contemporary issue throughout the conference...
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You are cordially invited to a public lecture by distinguished anthropology professor, Lila Abu-Lughod.

Caught in the Cross-Publics of the “Muslimwoman”
2015 Distinguished Lecture in Cultural Anthropology
4pm, February 13, 230 Hale Sciences
University of Colorado, Boulder
Lila Abu-Lughod...

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Apply to AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps will spend the next year fighting poverty, building community and gaining leadership skills for a lifetime. Avodah is a great opportunity for students interested in post-grad social justice work in NYC, Chicago, New Orleans, or DC. Students don't have to be Jewish to apply.

·  Work full-time at a local nonprofit on crucial issues like...

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Visit China’s greatest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, and rural Shandong Province. Study business strategy and culture with a Chinese twist.

Join the Global Seminar:  “Doing Business in China” for 2 weeks in May, 3 credit class (INBU 3300). 

For more information, contact Tracy Jennings:  tracy.jennings@colorado.edu

Or visit...

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If you have ever doubted weather or not you should study abroad CU IAFS Alum, Amanda Fendrick will convince you to do it! Recently featured in Global Buff Gazette, Fendrick reflects on how her experiences overseas shaped her into the person she is today!...

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When Lord Walker graduated from CU-Boulder in 2009, he was eager to find a career in international affairs. A former engineering student who was drawn to global events, he knew he needed a place to start. Walker found his chance with a temporary ten-day job at the World Bank.

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In spring 2014, IAFS senior Elizabeth Vickstrom studied abroad in Valparaiso, Chile, helped by a Global Grant scholarship, funded by the International Affairs Advisory Board and donors like you. As part of the SIT Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development program, Vickstrom lived with the indigenous Mapuche community in the Chilean countryside village of Chapod....

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In this program, students will spend two weeks in Istanbul, a world heritage site, a global mega-city where people from urban and rural environments, different social classes, multiple cultures and religious backgrounds, coexist. The crossroads of civilization for at least 500 years, Istanbul is the perfect place to study the history of interaction between Jews and Muslims. This program will...

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Last summer, Lauren Elder (IAFS ’15) stepped off a plane in Jerusalem, determined to make the most of her Global Grant scholarship. She had jumped at the opportunity to join the global seminar offered by the Program in Jewish Studies and International Affairs at CU-Boulder, “Justice, Democracy, and Human Rights in Israel and the West Bank.”

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By the time she entered her senior year, Maya Blanchard (IAFS ’14) had a plan. She knew she wanted to intern before she graduated, and her minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology had given her a strong interest in energy issues. Her plan came together with a unique internship with the International Research Center for Energy and Economic Development (ICEED). Blanchard served as ICEED’s sole...

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