International Media Certificate

IMC News: 

>> The International Media Certificate now has rolling admission -- you can apply at any time through the online application at the IMC website.  If you want to enroll in IMC courses for an upcoming semester, plan to apply at least a couple of weeks before registration time!

>> The International Media Certificate Annual Advising Event 

Time: 5:30-8:00 p.m. 
Date: Wednesday, March 18
Venue: Flatirons Room, Center for Community

Guest speaker: Scott Wallace, freelance journalist

Scott Wallace is a writer, photographer, and television producer. Wallace has written feature stories for National Geographic from the Amazon rainforest and is a former correspondent for Newsweek, the Guardian, and CBS News. In the 1980s, Scott's assignments have taken him to the battlefronts of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Panama. More recently in the 2000s, he reported from Afghanistan and Iraq. He is the author of a book, "The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon's Last Uncontacted Tribes," for which he trekked through the land of an indigenous group in the Brazilian rainforest.

The International Media Certificate is available to students majoring in International Affairs or enrolled in Journalism and Mass Communication. This certificate provides students with an understanding of international news gathering and dissemination, and can lead to a career in international journalism.  Find the IMC course requirements here and download the IMC worksheet.

Applying to the IMC

Application materials and a list of ongoing deadlines are available on the International Media Certificate website. Click here for the online application form.  A minimum 2.75 overall GPA, 30 hours of college credits and 6 credits in the major are required.

Semester schedules for IAFS majors in the IMC

Spring 2015 IMC Schedule | Summer 2015 IMC Schedule | Fall 2015 IMC schedule

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If you have questions about your IMC requirements, please contact the International Affairs Assistant Director, Katherine Rousseau. If you have questions about your IAFS coursework, please contact your IAFS advisor.

Certificate check-out for continuing IMC students

IAFS majors who are graduating and completing the IMC should make a certificate check-out appointment with Katherine Rousseau ( Please bring an unofficial copy of your transcript and the completed IMC worksheet to your appointment.