IAFS Internship Program


This page is for the International Affairs internship class for credit, IAFS 4930.  For general announcements about internship postings, click here.  For the CU in DC Internship Program, click here.

Internship Overview
The IAFS 4930: Internship in International Affairs class offers credit for internationally-focused work with a variety of organizations in the United States and abroad.  The university requires that students take the internship class while they are interning -- students looking for an internship can start with the IAFS 4930 links to possible internships.  The class is offered for 3 credits, and students may request that these credits be applied to International Affairs major requirements (3 credits for Geographic Concentration or 3 credits for major elective).  Please consult the internship syllabus for the semester you are enrolled in IAFS 4930 for further policies on applying credits to IAFS major requirements.

IAFS 4930 is a controlled enrollment class, and students cannot enroll themselves.  You must submit an application and once accepted to the internship program, you will be enrolled for 3 credits.  Please note that students may only apply internship credits toward major requirements in the course of the degree program.

If you think you may want to take the IAFS internship class, be sure to attend the internship class information meetings announced on the website and via advisor email. Even if you do not have an internship yet, attend an internship information meeting -- the meeting is important for understanding the requirements of the class.

Internship Application
IAFS 4930: Internship in International Affairs - Fall, Spring and Summer semesters (Vicki Hunter)
To apply for the IAFS fall, spring or summer internship class, email the application below to Vicki Hunter and copy iafs@colorado.edu. The deadline for applications is the end of the semester before the internship semester: for the spring internship, the last day of fall classes; for the summer internship, the last day of spring classes; for the fall internship, the last day of July.

IAFS internship application - for Vicki Hunter

Helpful Links and Forms
Syllabi & Class Resources page with IAFS 4930 syllabi.
CU in DC -- Semester-long professional intership in Washington D.C.
CU Public Interest Internship Experience (PIIE) Program - For summer interns, Career Services provides funding for internships focused on civic engagements.
IAFS 4930 links to possible internships -- this is not a comprehensive list, but provides ideas for students in IAFS 4930.
Click here for the FAQ for students applying to the IAFS internship program or participating in the current internship class.
Internship supervisor evaluation

 Prospectus explanation document  from Vicki Hunter

Internship Contract
This document must be filled out by all students who are doing an internship, once they start at their placements. Download a pdf of the document here.