IAFS Internship Program


This page is for the International Affairs internship class for credit, IAFS 4930.  For general announcements about internship postings, click here.  For the CU in DC Internship Program, click here.

Internship Overview
The IAFS 4930: Internship in International Affairs class offers credit for internationally-focused work with a variety of organizations in the United States and abroad.  The university requires that students take the internship class while they are interning -- students looking for an internship can start with the IAFS 4930 links to approved internships.  The class is offered for 3 credits.  For students declaring the IAFS major in Fall 2014 or later, IAFS 4930 fulfills the Off-Campus Experience requirement of the International Affairs curriculum.  For students who declared the IAFS majors before Fall 2014, please consult with Dr. Vicki Hunter at ashv@colorado.edu.

For more information about the IAFS internship class, contact internship director Vicki Hunter at ashv@colorado.edu.  Students can enroll themselves in IAFS 4930.  

Helpful Links and Forms

Internship Contract
This document must be filled out by all students who are doing an internship, once they start at their placements. Download a pdf of the document here.