IAFS Honors Program

Overview of Honors in International Affairs
Students in the International Affairs Program who have demonstrated a superior competence in the field have the opportunity of graduating with departmental honors. There are three grades of honors: cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude. Honors are awarded by the University Honors Council on the basis of: overall academic record, performance in the writing of an honors thesis, and performance in a one-hour oral exam. Candidates for honors in International Affairs must have achieved at least an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.3 and a 3.4 grade point average in International Affairs courses. Please refer to our IAFS honors standards for more information.

Each candidate for International Affairs departmental honors must complete an honors thesis written in close consultation with a faculty member whose primary role is thesis advisor. A one-hour oral exam is also administered by a three member faculty committee consisting of the thesis advisor, a member of the Committee on International Affairs, and at least one other professor.

Applying for IAFS Honors Program
Application for International Affairs honors class | How to calculate IAFS GPA (required for honors application)

In order to take IAFS 4800 in the fall semester, you must complete the honors application above and submit it via email to Vicki Hunter at ashv@colorado.edu and copy iafs@colorado.edu. Please attach an unofficial transcript to your email. The deadline to submit your application for the Fall 2015 honors class is Friday, March 13, 2015 at 5pm. Decisions will be made after this deadline.

Honors Classes
Students pursuing honors in International Affairs will be required to complete the honors in International Affairs seminar in the fall semester and thesis writing class in the spring semester. The seminar, IAFS 4800, will be offered each fall semester. You need not take the seminar and/or write the honors thesis in the year that you graduate. For example, if you are planning to graduate in December it is advisable to take the honors seminar and write the thesis the year before you graduate. During the spring semester following your enrollment in the honors seminar, you are required to enroll in a thesis writing class, IAFS 4810. The three credits gained from this may qualify as three credit hours towards your geographic concentration or functional area, if the thesis topic is relevant.

Helpful forms and links
Link to Syllabi and Class resources for IAFS 4800 syllabi
Request for major credit for IAFS 4810
Thesis Defense Worksheet

Honors Program Office
The Honors Program Office is located in Norlin M400, phone: 303-492-6617. Honors students -- know your guidelines and deadlines! Check with the Honors Program website for a list of deadlines for graduating with honors.

Research Requirements and Opportunities
Human Research Committee (HRC) - All research involving human participants that is conducted by UCB faculty, staff or students must receive some level of review by the Human Research Committee. Information, instructions, and downloadable forms needed to complete the review process can be found on their site.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) - UROP funds undergraduate research, scholarly and creative work with several types of grants. Apply early! More information and application process can be found on their site.