International Affairs Program


Fall 2014 IAFS Convocation
Mark your calendars for the International Affairs Program convocation, on Thursday, October 16th in UMC 235 at 4:30PM. There will be announcements, refreshments, and info tables. 

Study Abroad in Summer 2015 with the Director, and Earn IAFS Credit!
Global Seminar: France and America, Connections through Time (Bordeaux, France)

Bordeaux Program FAQ & link to CU Study Abroad program page | Bordeaux 2014 Video | Bordeaux Group Visits the US Consulate

The International Affairs Program (IAFS) at the University of Colorado Boulder is an interdisciplinary major within the College of Arts & Sciences. IAFS has grown to become one of the largest majors at CU-Boulder. Based in the University Club, IAFS is an academically challenging undergraduate program with an energetic community, offering our students small school opportunities within the broader campus. In keeping with CU-Boulder's Flagship 2030 strategic plan, we recognize the importance of globalization to our ideas and our lives. We value citizenship, from CU to the world.

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Seeing the Reality of Middle East issues: Study abroad in Israel and the West Bank
Lauren Elder is an IAFS major who studied abroad in summer 2014.

The best way to describe my experience on the global seminar "Justice, Democracy, and Human Rights in Israel and the West Bank" is an intense and perspective-altering experience. As an International Affairs major, many of my classes include the history and politics of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict. As someone who studies the Middle East as part of my geographic concentration, the program provided me with a unique opportunity to see the reality of current Middle East issues I have been studying. I spoke with many activists who work for rights of Palestinians...
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Landing an Internship with the International Conference on Energy and Economic Development
Maya Blanchard is a spring 2014 IAFS graduate who interned as part of her IAFS academic experience.

My internship with the International Conference on Energy and Economic Development (ICEED) was monumental to my professional development. Throughout the semester as an intern, I helped prepare for the conference event. As part of my weekly tasks and responsibilities, I learned about event planning, journal subscriptions, editing, and energy. The end-result and highlight of my internship...
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Starting in IAFS? Q&A and a Little Advice From a Recent Grad
Eamon Sullivan is a spring 2014 IAFS graduate and an Emerging Scholar of the program. As a new grad, he shares his experiences and offers a little friendly advice to current IAFS students.
  1. What is your name, major, and anticipated graduation term?
    My name is Eamon Sullivan, and I am an International Affairs major planning to graduate in spring 2014.
  2. Do you have a favorite IAFS (or related) class or faculty member?
    My favorite classes were European Union Politics with Dr. Joseph Jupile, and US Diplomatic History with Dr. Tom Zeiler.
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